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MenuettaWhether it’s a quick lunch with colleagues, dinner with friends, or a family celebration –we all carry fond memories of moments shared over a meal at our favorite spot. Obviously it’s about the food…but as you know it's really so much more. Our favorite restaurants provide the backdrop to so many of the good moments in life.

For that reason, we are proud to work with you in carrying your message and vision forward. Reaching outside your walls to entice new customers and remind the old familiar ones to stop by a little more often.




Level the playing field for the independents that struggle to compete against the large chains. By providing organized product buying opportunities and aggregating the volume of your customer base into a buying pool. You can now deliver items like menu’s, t-shirts, signage, check presenters, IPAD POS systems, Digital Menu Boards, etc. at the prices only the largest chains currently enjoy.



Performance Foodservice
Menuetta's exclusive food distributor partner is PEFORMANCE Foodservice. Use your Meal Ticket Rewards dollars to purchase Menuetta marketing services. Talk to your PERFORMANCE Account Manager or create a Menuetta account and redeem your rewards!

Bacio Gold Club

Bacio Gold Club
Get rewarded for purchasing Bacio Cheese. With the Bacio Gold Club, customers can triple your cash-back rebate and get a pre-loaded Bacio Rewards Visa gift card in the mail every month.

Become a Partner

Menuetta has partnered with leading companies in the hospitality industry to ensure restaurants like yours get marketing and promotional services that work. If you're already a customer of one of our partners, you probably have loyalty rewards dollars that you can use to buy Menuetta marketing services. To become a partner, please contact Mike at 888-938-1962.