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 • Bloomington, MN 55420


link POS

ONE-TIME FEE: $995 set up

MONTHLY FEE: $85 a month

Link POSFeatures Benefits

  • Hybrid system-local and web data storage Merchant’s data is never lost
  • 24-7-365 Technical Support Get immediate answers to questions
  • Staffed by humans in Utah, no computers
  • We enter your custom menu, modifiers, and graphics 
  • Make menu updates from anywhere
  • Update specials and coupons from anywhere in the world
  • Remotely accessible sales reporting
  • Labor cost reporting  - Reduce labor costs
  • Free time clock 
  • Caller ID integration
  • Split tickets / split menu items
  • Settings copy feature Easily copy configuration settings from one iPad to another
  • User-friendly interface Training cashiers can be done in 15 min
  • Hardware arrives pre-configured Save time
  • No need for an IT guy
  • integrated ONLINE ORDERING (more sales)
  • Integrated customer loyalty tied to their mobile number
  • One-click software updates.  No complicated instructions needed
  • Integrated gift and credit card processing Speed up the checkout process
  • EMV compliant options available
  • Remote ticket and receipt printing Easily move iPads around the store
  • Take orders/payments right at the table
  • Table management See what tables are open from any iPad
  • In-store order sharing Free to move from one iPad to another
  • Password protections Prevent theft and “freebies”
  • Customizable discounts and coupons Flexible promotion options
  • Adjustable printing options Save time and money with easy to read tickets and receipts