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menu boards

Digital Menu BoardsDigital Menu Display

ONE-TIME FEE: $225 set up
$125 for Performance Partner Program

MONTHLY FEE: $45 a month
$30 a month for Performance Partner Program

Display your menu on digital menu boards (TV*).

  • Includes display on up to 4 monitors*. Includes standard slide design (up to 4).  $10/mo. per each additional monitor
  • Rotate menus throughout the day, display specials/promotions/advertisements
  • Custom slide design available**
  • Easily update menu items and pricing online

*TV monitors not included. Requires Smart TV with built-in web browser.
**65 each w/discount on multiple custom slides





Digital Display Design

Menu Board Design 1

Menu Board Design 2

Menu Board Design 3

Menu Board Design 4

Menu Board Design 5

Menu Board Design 6

Menu Board Design 7