Menuetta is a custom marketing solution that enables busy restaurant operators to increase traffic and build loyalty by integrating and easily managing their marketing efforts through mobile devices, websites and social media. The Menuetta suite of tools is developed specifically for the restaurant industry that eliminates all the timely steps involved in managing marketing efforts across multiple platforms.

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Link POSFeatures Benefits

  • Hybrid system-local and web data storage Merchant’s data is never lost
  • 24-7-365 Technical Support Get immediate answers to questions
  • Staffed by humans in Utah, no computers
  • We enter your custom menu, modifiers, and graphics 
  • Make menu updates from anywhere
  • Update specials and coupons from anywhere in the world
  • Remotely accessible sales reporting
  • Labor cost reporting  - Reduce labor costs
  • Free time clock 
  • Caller ID integration
  • Split tickets / split menu items
  • Settings copy feature Easily copy configuration settings from one iPad to another
  • User-friendly interface Training cashiers can be done in 15 min
  • Hardware arrives pre-configured Save time
  • No need for an IT guy
  • integrated ONLINE ORDERING (more sales)
  • Integrated customer loyalty tied to their mobile number
  • One-click software updates.  No complicated instructions needed
  • Integrated gift and credit card processing Speed up the checkout process
  • EMV compliant options available
  • Remote ticket and receipt printing Easily move iPads around the store
  • Take orders/payments right at the table
  • Table management See what tables are open from any iPad
  • In-store order sharing Free to move from one iPad to another
  • Password protections Prevent theft and “freebies”
  • Customizable discounts and coupons Flexible promotion options
  • Adjustable printing options Save time and money with easy to read tickets and receipts